Responses to Questions

I was looking at your website and noticed you mention having a strong, up to date curriculum is very important. Unfortunately, it’s unclear to me where you stand on the proposed K-6 Draft curriculum released earlier this year. This is an important issue for me in this election.

What is your stance on the draft curriculum? Are you in favour, or against it? Could you give me a short explanation of your reasoning?

My opinion of the curriculum is it is not well structured, not well researched, and not well thought out. It also appears to be the product of a deeply flawed writing process.

I speak as someone who is not a curriculum expert, however I have had several discussions with teachers who will have to use it and a number of my feelings about it were confirmed. Also I did participate in the open forums on the previous proposed curriculum that was the work of 2 provincial governments. What is being proposed now seems so different from a structure stand point when compared with what I had looked at before, this led to further investigation.

If elected trustee I will push for something better for our children.

I have only one important question for you at this time.

There are municipalities that are not accepting the new provincial government’ Apartheid system. They are not initiating a two-tiered society based on medical tyranny. They are honoring our Constitution, our Charter and our basic human dignity.

So, I ask you, very simply, “If you are successful in being elected in this municipal election, will you foster medical Apartheid or stand up for freedom of Red Deer citizens?”

I look forward to hearing from you.

While I may not agree with your choice of terms I do understand that you have likely reached a high level of frustration. Matters of medical choice are best left to individuals and when dealing with children their parents or guardians. Each person’s medical circumstances are different and private as such any medical decision is best made by that individual.

I am doing my candidate research before voting in our next election.

These are the questions I am asking all candidates.

  1.  Would you vote in favour of or against mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for children in schools if that vote ever happened?

  2. What is your position on masking of children in schools?

  3. Would you vote in favour of or against mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for teachers/staff if that vote ever happened?

Thank you for your time!

A couple of contentious issues for sure, my personal opinion is that any personal medical treatment is a matter that should be just that personal. No one knows your or your children’s particular medical circumstances better than you. In conversations with parents, teachers, and those in the health professions this is their red line.

As a trustee I would not support mandatory vaccinations for either students or staff. I would encourage you to look into the approval of Comirnaty, the approved Pfizer vaccine not the emergency authorized one, by the CDC in the United States. Particularly the pediatric safety study completion and final submission dates which range from May 2023 to October 2024.

As to masking from a practical stand point there are questions I have as to the effectiveness. I also have questions about the long-term effect on children’s physical and mental health. These are questions that I have asked as a parent and haven’t received answers, I hope to ask them as a trustee.