I am Nathan Davies and I firmly believe that public education is the best way to provide equality of opportunity for all children. I am a small business owner who moved to Red Deer in 2002 and my wife and I have two children who attend Red Deer Public Schools. I am a member of School Council at my children’s school, a board member of the school fundraising association, a former board member of the Red Deer Childcare Society, and I regularly attend City Wide School Council meetings.

We Need to Listen, Learn and then Act

Our country has never been more divided. It is important for all elected representatives to listen to not only those who elect them but also those who do not. We will not agree on everything but there can never be any doubt that parents will make decisions with the best interest of their children in mind. As a trustee I will be accessible to anyone. More learning happens from conversations with those who disagree with you than those who agree.

Equality of Opportunity for All Children

Public education needs to provide all children with the tools to succeed whether going on to University, College, Trade Schools, or entering the workforce after grade 12. Children need to be prepared in the early grades for success throughout school.

Changes to Curriculum

As a trustee I will do my part to ensure that students are receiving the most relevant, up to date, and inclusive education as possible. As such, a well structured, well researched, and well thought out curriculum is essential.